Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthdays, Baptisms, and Body Sculpting

Well, my family just finished what we like to call "Birthday Season." It starts with my husband and ends with me...4 birthdays in a little less than two months. I just celebrated my 23rd. I don't "feel" 23 but I accomplished a lot in a pregnant and had a baby, celebrated my 2 year anniversary with an amazing man, graduated from college, and *got* a job. So, I guess you could say I feel closer to 40?? Hehe just kidding. What did we do for the big 2-3 you might ask? Well, on my actually birthday (which was on a lame). James took me to Taco Mac and we celebrated in style.

On to more exciting things. Paul seems to be growing like a weed! He hates to be cradled like a baby unless he's nursing (obviously). He loves to look at the action. Here, he was intent on watching me wash dishes. P.S. if any of you out there don't have a Moby, I highly recommend it! I will say though, I did feel pregnant wearing him like this.

Our favorite (I say 'our' when I really mean Paul) place to play these days is on our gym. He's getting really funny and "talkative." The little jungle creatures on there spark his interest and he really has a lot to say when he sees them. (Please disregard the poopy diaper).

James works from sun up to sun down so his time with Paul is precious. Needless to say, I love capturing it. He's still the only one who can really make him laugh. What's up with that?! I'm with the kid all day! He does love his Daddy.

For all of the Georgians out there, we've been getting some pretty nice days. It's been REALLY nice for moms of infants. Less clothes to wash!

Like I said, James is probably the favorite. He likes having a little partner buddy when he works.

Little chunker head!

Palm Sunday was our baby's baptism. It was a special day for James and me as we presented our covenant child. We were so blessed to have not only both my parents and James' parents present but both sets of my grandparents as well as my brother, Matthew and James' brother, David and his wife, Elizabeth and their child, Calvin. We truly have been blessed.

Well, those're the major highlights. This past week I've really been working on working out. I mean, ever since he was born I've been watching what I've been eating but on Sunday I was really pushed to get in gear. So, everyday I've been working out: walking and lifting weights and of dieting. I've already lost some weight! I think the first two weeks are going to be the hardest.

Okay, I hope I don't go another month without letting you all know what's going on in our lives!

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  1. You look great in the Moby! I used to take long walks with Calvin facing forward like that.

    The pictures with James crack me up.